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What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is unusually immoderate sweating unrelated to your environment or your levels of exercise. Your body's sweat glands may overreact to some stimuli and can cause excessive sweating. Although there are many remedies and short-term solutions for Hyperhidrosis, there is not a definitive cure. 


Our areas of focus


Our vision is to ultimately foster the education of Hyperhidrosis for all. We strive to provide useful information and resources to help you understand risk factors, symptoms, and treatments.

Clinical and Laboratory-based Research Funding

Our focus includes directly funding institutions that perform research on Hyperhidrosis. Through your funding, you will accelerate the research processes at these institutions and possibly relieve millions of stress and anxiety.


Part of our mission includes promoting confidence and serenity for those suffering from Hyperhidrosis. We strive to help you be expressive and free from anxiety.

Finding a Cure

Finally, our objective is to cure Hyperhidrosis. Your participation and engagement in each of these steps will unequivocally uncover the mental effects of Hyperhidrosis and promote public awareness of the disease

Our Story

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating mainly in the palms, feet, and armpits unrelated to the environment or exercise. Although there are some remedies and short-term solutions for Hyperhidrosis, there is no definitive cure for young children. As individuals affected with Hyperhidrosis from a young age, we understand it disrupts a child's day-to-day activities, contributes to social anxiety, and affects mental health.

Research in Hyperhidrosis is a complex issue. Hyperhidrosis only affects 1% of the world's population and isn't as large of a priority for research as other diseases.

Hyperhidrosis For Children was founded in June 2021 with the intention to create an online community to educate, encourage, and support young children and their parents diagnosed with this condition.


Current Projects, Information, and Resources

As you may have seen, Hyperhidrosis does not have an immediate cure. Despite this, there are treatment options, including Carpe.


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